On-site Clinics

Elite On-site Clinics

An Overview

Patient-Focused Care & Education

The goal of an Elite clinic is to keep your healthy employees healthy, to intervene when health issues are foreseeable, and to treat those who are already dealing with ailments. Your practitioner is dedicated to providing quality disease management, but they also serve as an educator on how to prevent further illness. Your clinic is staffed with a comprehensive team who can give aftercare support to your employees and guide them in making healthy lifestyle changes. Combining health coaching with follow-up appointments creates a dual remedy for prevention & disease management.

Selected To Fit Your Needs

  • Family Practice
  • Disease Management
  • Laboratory & Pharmacy Services
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Imaging
  • Employment Physicals
  • Drug Screening
  • Health Risk Assessments & Screenings
  • Nutrition & Wellness Coaching
  • Preventive Vaccinations
  • Specialist Referrals
  • Workers' Comp. - First Aid
  • Occupational Medicine
  • and More!

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Clinic Management

ECMS oversees all aspects of your health & wellness clinic. From concept & design to daily operation, we are dedicated and detail oriented to ensure your clinic functions smoothly.

Concept & Design

Elite will help you design your clinical model. Whether you are a multi-site employer needing centralization or an employer needing partnering firms. We have a network of vendors who can help with all of these elements. Our clinics are designed ergonomically, with no compromise of quality. Many of our existing clinics have been built within facilities of operation, others are placed at a site that is located specifically for access of ease.

Recruiting & Training

Your practitioner is selected through a rigorous hiring process where we focus on cultural fit, experience, and enthusiasm. We provide continuous training, professional development, and performance assessment.

Engaging Utilization

Our team of marketing professionals are experts at engaging your employees in clinic utilization. We provide a comprehensive selection of promotional and educational material coupled with frequent on-site meet and greet sessions with your provider team.

Elements of Reporting & Evaluation

Population Engagement

Participation rates in initial screenings & assessments
Enrollment in clinical care
Compliance to practitioner care & recommendations
Patient feedback and satisfaction reporting

Operational Efficiency

Wait times
Appointment availability 
Use of technology

Financial Return

Claims mitigated
Reduction in lost work time
Population health management assessment
Yearly cost savings analysis
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