Clinics In Agriculture

Clinics in Agriculture

This current case study has  been a leader in California agriculture for the past 64 years. Seasonal farming is an integral part of the operations, as the farm produces much of the country's organic poultry including: chicken, turkey, and duck. The company has been operated by three generations of hard-working American farmers.

The Need

Our owners know that there is a lack of medical care available for many of their employees, as some do not qualify for any benefits on a federal or state level. With an employee population like theirs, they wanted to provide a better opportunity for their team members to access medical care, and receive the medical treatment and education that many so desperately needed.

In addition: since seasonal hiring is a tremendous factor for farm operations, there was a strong motivation to not only recruit and retain employees, but also to cut the cost of pre-employment and fit-for-duty exams that were incurred each time a new team member was hired.

The Solution

The Health & Wellness Clinic opened in September 2016. The clinic serves employees and dependents of our client. Services at the clinic include preventive care, chronic condition management, acute care, and occupational medicine. The clinic team is multi-lingual, and caters to the many languages spoken by our clients employees.

To customize services around the needs of their employees, Our client elected to incorporate a space for Functional Capacity Testing. Special equipment was brought into the clinic to emulate the motions of duties inside of their processing facility. 

The Outcome

Providing these services on-site, allowed our client to save on heavy expenses. It also provided the opportunity for better oversight of pre-hire processes, risk management, and compliance.
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