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School Districts Health & Wellness Clinic

This particular district is located in Central California, and is a public school system for more than 32,000 students, Pre-K to adult. The District employs faculty and staff including: administrative and management roles, teachers, bus drivers, custodians, and maintenance technicians equaling to over 2,500 team members.

The Need

Knowing how important it is to have quality educators and staff, the District sought out to find a benefit that would help with recruitment and retention. In addition, the District wanted to find ways to help curb spending on healthcare spending, as costs continue to rise, and doctors who once were within network, have left.

The Solution

In May 2017, the Health & Wellness Clinic opened its doors to employees and dependents of the district. Services rendered at the clinic include: primary care/family practice, preventive care, chronic condition management, and occupational health care. In addition, patients are able to receive their medications at the time of care, via onsite pharmacy, and they are able to take advantage of the onsite laboratory services as well. The clinic is open six days per week. 

The Outcome

All of these services in one place, has helped staff and faculty save time and money, and in turn has saved the district money.

The clinic produced a positive ROI after just three months of operation. Clinic hours expanded to accommodate increased utilization within the first two months of operation.

Key Achievements To Date

Patient, aged 19: seeking treatment for impotence, was treated and brain tumor was discovered. Patient is currently receiving appropriate care, with positive prognosis.
Patient, aged 55: seen for neck pain, was transferred by ambulance for detection and treatment of meningitis. Patient is now fully recovered and healthy, thanks to the quick response by their onsite staff.
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