About Us

Elite Corporate Medical Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing creative solutions to improve the health and wellness of your workforce.  Over the last 10 years our team has creatively designed and implemented healthcare and wellness services to firms throughout the regional West Coast.  Risk assessment, health & wellness coaching, disease management, and full scale onsite/near-site medicals clinics are some of the services we actively provide to organizations and entities of varying sizes and industries.  Customization is our focus as each organization is drastically different in needs, interests, and overall health culture. 

Onsite/Near-site Member Clinics
ECMS offers full-scale onsite employee medical clinics as well as centralized multi-employer medicals centers. Regardless of the size of your organization, our clinical model can adapt to your organization’s needs.  Our facilities not only provide day-to-day care for patients, they focus on each patient’s long term wellness and preventive care plan.  We don’t just treat symptoms, we focus on long-term patient solutions and results!

Comprehensive Wellness & Prevention Services
ECMS provides a variety of wellness services to organizations throughout the regional west coast.  Elite works with companies of all different sizes, providing them the tools to actively engage their members in a more focused approach toward their individual health and wellness.  Each organization is different and we aim to customize our comprehensive suite of services to meet your organizations goals.






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