Elite Onsite Clinics

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Why have an onsite clinic?

Worksite clinics are a reality for many employers across the nation who are looking for ways to reduce healthcare costs, create a healthier workforce, and amplify quality patient care. We understand the task of creating a healthier culture seems daunting; our healthcare model is proven to effectively engage your employees in healthy changes that will benefit their lives and reduce your expenditures.

The Elite Difference

We are experienced in providing quality healthcare facilities for employers of various sizes and industries. We manage everything from concept & design, construction, opening day & daily management. Our clinical models are tested and proven to be cost-effective. We invite you to come and tour one of our facilities and experience the difference between an Elite member clinic has to offer.

Onsite Clinics Can Work for Anyone

Elite onsite clinics work for employers small, medium, and large. Our clinic model is flexible to accommodate varying group sizes. Self-insured groups will have the ability to directly reduce their healthcare costs by mitigating claims, providing more efficient care, and reducing absenteeism with the added benefits of onsite pharmacy and laboratory services.

Small groups will benefit from reduced absenteeism, improved employee/member health and wellness, and overall member morale leading to a healthier, happier dedicated office!

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