Our 3-Step Approach to Wellness


The first step to creating a healthy culture is to understand your population. Every workplace is different; we take extra care in finding out exactly what your employees need. Our 3-Step process starts by identifying risk with the options of a

Health Awareness Screening

Health Risk Assessment

Wellness Culture Audit

Needs & Interest Survey

Claim History Review




Health risk intervention begins with a follow-up call from one of our nurses. Our bilingual nurses will follow up with every employee whose results show a need for continued care. Any employee that meets the “high-risk” level will be able to ask our nurses questions and has the option of using our Find-A-Physician program if they are in need of a Primary Care Physician.

Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Wellness Games & Challenges

Mini Seminars & Health Talks

Case/Risk Management



Once a program has been impemented, we continue to monitor and re-evaluate all aspects of it’s impact on your workplace. All information is compiled into a comprehensive report for your review. Elements of this report include an Aggregate Report that shows three facets of your workplace engagement. These elements include

Aggregate Reporting

Claim Review & Analysis

Population Health Management Progress Report

Member Satisfaction Scorecard





Health Awareness Screening
Our most commonly requested wellness service.

Good for: Individuals who would like to learn about where their health currently stands among risks of Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Hypertension, & more.
What to expect: You will receive a quick painless finger-stick. Test results from your sample are immediate and printed on the spot. Basic screening includes a check up on glucose, lipids, blood pressure, & body composition. Optional tests are available by request. Venipuncture and comprehensive laboratory services also available upon request.
Approximate time: Screenings take approximately 10 minutes.



Health Risk Assessment

Good for: The individual that is interested in answering questions about their lifestyle and eating habits and feedback on areas of opportunity based on their individual report card.
What to expect: Participants will have access to an online portal in which a set of questions regarding various lifestyle habits will be given. Results at the end of the assessment are given immediately and will allow your employee to see where they stand in their health parameters and lifestyle habits. Helpful tips are also given with their results and they may print these or access these for a pre-selected window of time. (Printed assessments are also available.)
Approximate time: Assessments take approximately 20 minutes per participant.








Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Good for: The individual that is interested in meeting with their own personal health coach to create a plan that works specifically for them.
What to expect: Our certified nutrition coaches are ready to sit down with you and create a plan that will work with your lifestyle, to reach your weight goals or aid in treatment of any health issues that you are combatting. Various tools can be used and are encouraged for management of your eating habits and structuring your diet.
Approximate time: Appointments take approximately 15 minutes.



Wellness Games & Challenges

Good for: Employees who want to get healthy but maintain a level of fun while doing so. This works particularly well for employees who enjoy a sense of community within their organization.
What to expect: Your organization is given a choice between different types of activities ranging from walking competitions to healthy eating challenges, and more.
Approximate time: Wellness games & challenges vary in their length based upon the needs of your organization and type of activity.



Mini Seminars & Health Talks

Good for: Employees who enjoy learning in a classroom or presentation setting.
What to expect: A guest speaker from Elite will come to your workplace and present on a topic of your choice. PowerPoint presentations, handouts, & promotional items are optional and can be added for effectiveness of your wellness seminar.
Approximate time: Wellness seminars take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the needs of your organization.









Aggregate reports are created after completion of services. Each report is site-specific and provides you with a year-to-year comparison and trend analysis.

These reports illustrate information about the health of your company.

We measure areas of opportunity for improvement of different health parameters (i.e. high cholesterol and glucose levels, elevated blood pressure, etc.) for the company as a whole.

All reports are formatted in an easy-to-read layout. The data and guideline information is clear and concise.





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